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Accelerate IT Innovation Globally

Global expansion is on the rise, PricewaterhouseCoopers expects international trade in goods and services to increase to $27 trillion by 2030. As global trade grows, so will the need for effective global logistics solutions that promise flawless global IT deployments across geopolitical boundaries. There are only a limited number of IT solution providers capable of overcoming the challenges of delivering multivendor solutions internationally. TachTech provides global logistics services to service over 75 countries worldwide and delivers a model for continuous IT innovation on a global scale. Technical innovation often comes from emerging vendors, and these relationships often require added attention for properly sustained service, delivery, and support. TachTech’s global logistics coupled with its award-winning technology practice delivers the enhanced service levels and high touch interactions between vendors and clients demanded to support continuous innovation at global scale.


TachTech’s end-to-end global logistics services simplify global business, lower costs, and reduce timeframes for international shipments which are all to often burdened by complex trade restrictions and red tape.


TachTech leverages points of presence, know-how, and international contacts in over 75 countries worldwide to provide importer of records services. Equipment can ship to TachTech’s facilities in the host country and then be delivered locally. This drastically simplifies and accelerates international growth while reducing the cost burden and complexities commonly associated with international shipments. TachTech’s offering includes….



TachTech has strong global expertise on sales tax, valued-added tax (VAT), and goods-and-services tax (GST), customs, and licensing. This expertise is applied to our global logistics program, and is available to clients. TachTech can assist with import/export logistics and tax guidance/compliance.



TachTech can provide on-site professional integration services globally and can provide off-site services in facilities in the US, EU, and Asia. Integration solutions can be delivered in single vendor, multivendor, and white-box solutions – partly or fully converged.



TachTech incorporates optimized shipment mode selection, carrier rate reduction, enhanced shipment tracking/tracing, and employs best practices to reduce international duties shipping errors. This results as savings for clients.